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Tour The Sawahlunto/Sijunjung or Tour De Swiss

Sijunjung n’ Sawahlunto are part of the West Sumatra’s Province. In there many beautiful place can we visited. One of important this place still natural n’ the culture of the both place the real minangkabau’s culture.
So, what interasting place in there. Let’s check list place in Sawahlunto dan Sijunjung and they are :
·        Silokek
Welcome in Silokek!!!
Silokek in a place of Sijunjung... You know what Sijunjung is my village where is my born, I spent my teenager, and the place I staying with my big family.

In here, we can see hill, river covered with withe’s sand, water fall, climbing’s areas, etc.. and you know what its one of unique from Silokek with white’s sand covered river.. Usually we just see the beach covered with white’s sand.

The picture welcome for the tourist...

The river beetween 2 hills, our eyes will satiesfied see a beautiful views..

All the way we go to Silokek, we just see the hills.. and you know what Silokek identical with hills.. Silokek almost same with Harau in Payakumbuh. You can see in this picture!!! Okokok...

In Silokek, we’ll find waterfall.. But, if we want go to waterfall we have to climbing the hill arround 2 km.. All the way, we find forest, tree, etc.. This, waterfall not too big like waterfall in Lembah Anai but I think this waterfall is awesome..

·         Gudang Ransum
Gudang ransum in place of Sawahlunto.. Sawahlunto’s city is Tourism’s city with care of the culture.. Sawalunto, the people said too “iron wok” and you know why?? Because this city if we see from upstairs same like “iron wok”. Then, Sawalunto’s city I think like Europe because this city many old building from Belanda’s colonize..

 This picture show to us Galery of Sawahlunto’s city..

 The city of Sawahlunto like “iron wok”.. This, pictute took from Hospital..

Belanda’s Building in Sawahlunto..

Gudang ransum, this place like museum or maybe museum but the peoples from here said with gudang ransum “ransum’s warehouse”..  for, clearlier you can see this picture!!

Gudang Ransum with the big iron wok..

Gudang Ransum like station or airport maybe..

·         Lubang mbah suro
Lubang mbah Suro in place of Sawahlunto.. This place almost the same with Lubang Jepang in Bukittinggi.. Lubang mbah suro is artifial diamond.. the wide of Lubang Suro almost 2 meter and have high 2 meter too. For go to Lubang Suro we must to pay.. and ticket cost as a Rp 7.500.. when, we finished arround it we’ll arrived in the accross of way..

This, picture of Lubang Suro...

·         Museum Kereta potong
Museum kereta potong in place Sawahlunto.. Sawahlunto’s station dazled be Museum kereta potong sawahlunto. In this museum display train’s equipments in ago since jaman Colonial Belanda like railway coach n’ train’s lokomotif, etc. You can see this picture!!

Museum kereta potong..

Railway coach since Jaman kolonial Belanda..

How to get there??
Sawahlunto and Sijunjung from padang almost 114 km.. We can using bus and the cost with bus as Rp 20.000, but more interasting if we rent a car because we’ll satiesfied arround both.. We can rent a car as Rp 350.0000.. for lunch maybe we can eat in my house.. and you know what my mom very capable for cooking.. all the ways we’ll passed away Solok, Sawahlunto, and Sijunjung..

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