Minggu, 25 April 2010

Tour the Pesisir Selatan

Pesisir Selatan is part of the West Sumatra’s Province.. the unique from Pesisir Selatan we can see sea in left and right us.. so, if we see to left we’ll see the sea and if wee see to right we’ll see sea too.. Pesisir Selatan is the place what have awesome beach, still natural.. many a beatiful beach n’ having one awesome hills.. I’ll see to you awesome place from Pesisir Selatan and they are :

• Bukit langkisau “Langkisau Hill”
Bukit Langkisau Painan, Objek Wisata Andalan Pesisir Selatan, Sumatera Barat. Bukit Langkisau combination beetween natural’s tourism, maritim’s tourism, and sky’s tourism. Althougt in the beach, this hill rather higher almost 214 meter from the covered of sea. The interasting of adventure for tourist who like natural’s bahari. This located exactly in center of Painan’s city. If, we sit in the langkisau hill we can see the best moment in Painan’s city, the whiet’s sand covered Pantai carocok, Pantai Salido, the small’s islands in Samudra Hindia. The good time for visit this hill is early evening when sunset and the covered of sea will splendid the light of sunset and awesome..
The people having hobby to sport can try Paralayang’s sport.. many tutors for this sport so we just a braveness for do it. After, we fly like a bird we can choose the place for landing. We want landing in Painan’s city or the white’s sand covered Salido’s beach.

Langkisau’s hill.. Its good views, is it right??

Langkisau’s hill area..

Sunset from Langkisau’s hill...

The way go to Langkisau’s hill

• Pantai carocok “Carocok’s beach”
Pantai carocok near from Bukit Langkisau. The unique of Carocok’s beach is bridge in the beach and the wite’s sand covered beach.. Carocok’s Beach can we see from Langkisau’s hilss..

 The bridge in the beach..

• Pantai Taratak “Taratak’s beach” or Pantai Nyiur Melambai

Pantai Nyiur Melambai

The beach covered by white’s sand in place area Taratak’s hill, part of Pesisir Selatan and from Padang almost 100 km. This beach almost don’t have corals and the wind is faster because this beach free beach front of Indian ocean without island in front of the beach. In this beach we’ll find waterfall. This waterfall used to bath after swim in the beach. The place moment we visit this beach early evening when sunset..

I think this beach almost same with Kuta’s beach in Bali.. So, for tourist must visited this place because very beautiful and still natural..

• Pantai teluk tempurung “Teluk tempurung’s beach”
Pantai Teluk Tempurung in place Batang Kapas “ you know what Batang Kapas my father’s village”. Bay of tempurung covered by white’s sand and mouth of the river Batang Kapas. Small’s Island what grow of coconut’s trees its so beautiful for refreshing from our work, or study, etc.

Pantai Teluk Tempurung from far..

Small island in Pantai Teluk Tempurung..

White’s sand covered Pantai Teuk Tempurung..

How to get there?? Its easy ways, we can go there using bus, rent car, motorcycle.. Pesisir Selatan almost 100 km from padang.. If, we are using bus just need pay Rp 20.000.. But, if using bus its hard to arround Pesisir Selatan so better using the individual’s car or rent car or motorcycle.. We can rent a car just need cost as Rp 350.000.. We’ll satiesfied arround Pesisir Selatan all the day..
So, guys enjoy in Pesisir selatan!!! Okokok..

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