Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Tour the Alahan Panjang

Tour the Alahan Panjang we’ll see carpet of the tea.. then Lake upstairs and downstairs.. Did you know?? One of the unique of lake in Alahan Panjang, there are two lake and the name “upstairs lake and downstairs like”.. Upstairs lake put in downstair place and downstair put in upstairs place.. its the reserve behind..
Then, carpet of the tea beautiful place.. all the ways go there we just see tea’s garden all off greeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnn...

Tea’s gardener...

How to get there??? Its easy ways, we can go there using bus, rent car, motorcycle.. Alahan Panjang 50 km from padang.. If, we are using bus just need pay Rp 15.000.. But, if using bus its hard to arround Solok and Alahan Panjang so better using the individual’s car or rent car or motorcycle.. We can rent a car just need cost as Rp 350.000.. We’ll satiesfied arround Solok and Alahan Panjang all the day..
So, guys enjoy in alahan panjang!!! Okokok...

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